Dark Sky Parks

Stargazing , Northumberland National Park, Kielder Observatory 

We live just 5 minutes drive from Northumberland National Park and about 40 minutes from Kielder. 


According to the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England (CPRE) the vast skies above Kielder Water and Forest Park and Northumberland National Park are the darkest in England. Here, black-velvet skies crackle with billions of stars.

The skies in Northumberland are so deep and so dark that Northumberland National Park along with Kielder Water & Forest Park and Kielder Observatory Astronomical Society have officially been awarded 'Dark Sky Status' by the International Dark Skies Association; the leading international organisation combating light pollution worldwide; to become Europe's largest Dark Sky Park.

The kudos of becoming a Dark Sky Park will help ensure the area is kept free from light pollution and will stimulate more opportunities for people to enjoy the night sky. 

For more information go to www.northumberlandnationalpark.org.uk,    www.visitkielder.com and www.kielderobservatory.org